Buying a house or falling in love?

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     So it's time. You're ready to move on. You're excited and start dreaming. Begin wondering if you can find that perfect one. Is there one out there that makes your heart race? Makes you happy, proud, and want to settle down? Could you see a future here?

    That sure sounds like dating, but it's not. You're actually considering buying a house. But man, it has many similarities to online dating. See, you decided to download an app and start looking around a little bit. Just to see if anything peaks your interest. You know what you dream of. But is it really out there? And is it close to where you live now? You like your area and you don't want to uproot and move too far. 

    You don't want to fill out any forms and give info, but you have to. Sigh. So you call up a friend (your Realtor) and get their opinion. You have them look over some pictures and stats with you. And then after some correspondence, you're ready. Yes, let's set up a day and time and go out and see it in person. This is exciting. 

    You stalk the house online until you go see it. You notice it's on multiple sites. You're growing more and more interested. Plus, one of your friends saw on Facebook that it's still available. The anxiety sets in. What if someone else notices it before you get there? Is anyone else interested too? You hold your breath in anticipation as you drive up. 

    And you know right off the bat that it isn't at all what you thought it was. Yeah, those pictures and lighting made it look really good online. But this is just disappointing. It had great curb appeal, but the inside just didn't match the outside. So you shrug your shoulders, go home, and decide to keep up the search. You didn't really expect the first house you saw to be "it" anyway. 

Don't fret future Home Buyer. Your perfect one is out there. You just haven't seen it yet.