Bye bye, Buddy

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    We should have ended it a long time ago. I know that now. Have you ever stayed in a relationship just because you felt you were too far into it and had invested too much time to walk away? You put your faith into another person. When they gave you encouraging words and said that all is fine, it makes you feel at ease.  Right? You say, "Finally! Someone else is looking out for me." And to end that relationship and try again with someone else... The unknown can be scarier that staying in a bad partnership.

     Very recently one of my buyers was in this situation. He went to his local bank for a loan. He thought that they knew him, had access to his accounts, and it would be easy. He got a preapproval immediately and we began seeing houses. After fighting for an accepted offer, we finally got into a contract on a home that was simply perfect for him. It had everything he wanted and was super close to his work. 

    He was excited and we started moving forward. He signed the loan application.  After a few weeks he asked me about his interest rate. What was he getting? I didn't know and reached out to her. She wouldn't tell me. That's odd. Then when I asked for updates, she wouldn't respond for days. That's weird. He and I began feeling we were getting brushed off. We had no answers and the days were ticking by. Out of nowhere she said she needed to change his financing from conventional to FHA. That's not a good thing. That means he would have private mortgage insurance forever. But he wanted this home badly and he said okay. 

    Things kept escalating from here. What was his interest rate? No response. Did that second FHA appraisal come back yet? No response and then lies. And then, she told him that she could do the loan if he came up with another $25,000 for the down payment. Ummm, what!?!? And that too was a lie. 

    Sadly he did not get the loan and the deal has fallen apart. Listen to your intuition. If things are going sideways, you can end it. Don't try to ride it out and hope things get better. There are other fish in the sea.